Wine Bottle Glass Fruit Bowl Clear-aquamarine

Recycled Wine Bottle Art

By Sari Scheer

Deconstructing and creating new – this is what I do with bottles. Wine bottles in particular catch my eye, but I am sometimes drawn to the shape or color of other vessels. I am constantly practicing my skills to make each piece a unique well designed and finished piece of art.  Additionally, most of my work has function. Enjoy looking around and seeing some of my creations.

Topanga Canyon Gallery now has a selection of my glass baskets! 

If you’d like to see and touch, or purchase my work in person, stop by Topanga Canyon Gallery, see my schedule by clicking here or checking my facebook page.

I’ll be at the Ventura Art and Street Painting Festival

September 9th & 10th               At Ventura Harbor

10-5 both days

Looking for something special?  Please contact me and let’s see what we can do!

Thanks for looking,   Sari