Wine Bottle Glass Fruit Bowl Clear-aquamarine

Recycled Wine Bottle Art

By Sari Scheer

Deconstructing and creating new – this is what I do with bottles. Wine bottles in particular catch my eye, but I am sometimes drawn to the shape or color of other vessels. I am constantly practicing my skills to make each piece a unique well designed and finished piece of art.  Additionally, much of my work has function. 

My world is full of reflections.  Looking at shadows and negative space, I create delicate appearing sculptures from wine bottles that have fulfilled their initial purpose of transporting the perfect accompaniment to a good meal with friends. Concern for our planet, and inspired by the many folk artists who re-purposed bottles into bottle trees and drinking glasses, sun catchers and wind-chimes, I hope my work will further the dialogue involving each of us and how we can better care for our planet.

Topanga Canyon Gallery now has a selection of my glass baskets! 

If you’d like to see and touch, or purchase my work in person, see when my work will be at Topanga Canyon Gallery, check my schedule by clicking here or checking my facebook page.